Arpache SX in “sequence mode” malfunction

I can’t used Arpage SX in “sequence mode”; normally, with option “sort by pitch” and the play mode “normal sort” Arpage SX must play the arpage sequence dropped in Arpage SW with notes of midi container but the result does not correpond. In reallity the output is the same than in Classic mode.

As an attachment, the file contains 3 parts:

Steinberg tech support doesn’t want to deal with bugs, they only invite to pay to buy the latest version and after that they say to deal with other users on the forum. What should we do, they think we’re really stupid.

The ARPAGE SX function does not work in sequence mode outside of trigger mode, ie the function does not know how to follow the input notes and they refuse to correct it. Who can verify that the function is bad, how can the information be reported elsewhere than in a sales department?

Please read the manual. It surprised me too, but the different modes seem to work correctly, though not how the user would expect without knowing what they do exactly.

Test ARPAGE SX.cpr (843.9 KB)
In the attached example I put on 4 tracks :

  • 4 chords,
  • an arpeggio,
  • a copy of the chords with the arpeggio in ARPAGE_SX
  • the same track after freezing.
    We can see that this tool is unable to follow the notes given as input.

There is indeed something weird happening with the Sort Normal and below play modes :
When two notes in the sequence are placed an octave apart, for example C2 -C3, it will play the upper note an octave below instead (C3 will play C1), and this also happens the other way around, notes that are an octave below will play in the upper octave instead, for example when you have G3 - G1 in the sequence, G1 will play G5 instead. And all of this is based on the note that comes first in the sequence with the same root note.
That was for the issue, and yes, it needs investigation from the developers.

I agree this is very confusing because there are too many parameters to take into account.

Only the Trigger play modes will attempt to play the sequence pitches. You only have to hold one key for it to work, and pressing different keys will only transpose the sequence to that pitch.

All the other play modes, that is, Sort Normal and below, are only using the rhythm pattern from the sequence, and will not play the pitches. With these modes, the pitches come from your input chords.

However, the pitches from the imported sequence are numbered, in such a way that two same pitches in the imported sequence will always output the same note in your input chord, based on the sequence notes order and the Sort by setting. Only different pitches will allow for different notes. It is quite complicated to understand how it works precisely,

Thank you for the analysis, only the trigger mode works but does not restore the notes of the chord (Major/minor/diminished …) and manual is wrong since it does not take the direction parameter into account.
Steinberg refuses to analyze and solve the problem and sends me back to the forum.

Steinberg’s support service only deals with product installations and crashes , so I asked who to contact in the event of a malfunction.