Arpache SX midi output back to a midi channel?

I’ve noticed that when sequencing and listening to a synth with Arpache SX, it has a nice rhythmic thing going on (because of Arpache SX) but when I render (not in realtime) I loose that rhythm and instead get just arpegiated notes. I noticed that it is the length value that changes (I think).
When I render in realtime I have no problem.

My question, can I set up a track to record midi data coming from another midi track? kinda like a loopback cable?
Any other options? because I really what the midi data as it is sounding with rhythm. I could do it by hand, but its a lot of notes.

thanks y’all =D
(waiting for my cubase 6 to arrive any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m not sure I understand at %100 what you are describing, but does the following do what you are seeking?..

  1. Set Left and Right Locators to the start and end of the Part which is playing the Arpache.
  2. Solo that MIDI track.
  3. Go to the MIDI menu, and select "Merge MIDI in Loop, with the option “Include Inserts”
    That should create, on the currently-selected MIDI track, a new MIDI Part which contains the data as output from the ensemble of the original MIDI Part with its Arpache FX.
  4. If the new Part got created on the original MIDI track, you may need to drag it to a new MIDI track which doesn’t also have Arpache inserted on it.

Nope didn’t work, but it was worth a try since it looked promising.

Well what is sounding is more like an error actually… a really nice sounding error, so any attempt at rendering gets me just arpegiated notes.
It would seem to me that being able to loopback a midi track and recording the output on another midi track while listening (or in realtime) would work, but I will try some other stuff.

thanks anyways =D

Sounds like you want the audio from the MIDI track, not another MIDI track. Tempo controlled patches need realtime Export or internal rendering as the sample follows the tempo.

I’m still not sure but it was the midi note length that was doing it.
I tried using transformer plugin to delete notes of less than a certain length but crashed my Cubase (twice), so I set up the midi data to go to a synth that had some setting that made it sound only when notes where longer than a certain lenght.
Then passed the audio to trigger midi using KTDrumTrigger (first drum trigger that appeared on google). Recorded midi which gave me a very precise visual reference of the rhythm and then did all by hand and it worked great.

Just thought I’d leave the steps I did so anyone can do them later.

thanks y’all

What about quantize note length? What about the Logical Editor?

I’m not really sure since it was hard to find out what was actually making the strange rhythm. I tried using the logical but I guess I just used the first solution that actually worked for me.