Arpache SX not working properly when recording

It’s the first time I’ve used the Arpache SX, so apologies if I’m making a rookie mistake.

When I add the Arpache SX as a MIDI FX plugin using its default settings, it plays the pattern back as I’d expect when I’m not recording.

When I record the chord progression (or play back the recorded midi part) it behaves very strangely, sometimes missing out notes and always repeating the very first note of the chord twice.

As I say, I haven’t made any changes to the default pattern.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I had similar issues with arpache sx in the past.

Thanks zyguli.

That’s a shame. I’ll just add it to my increasingly long list of things that don’t work in Cubase. It’s getting very frustrating now.

It´s time for Steinberg to allow for third party midi inserts in Cubase. Must be dead easy to implement.

Appears to never have been fixed as I’m seeing the same thing in late 2019