Arpache SX - programming sequence variations

I might be missing something simple but as a novice user of Cubase Artist 10, I was trying to understand how to use the arpeggiator to produce varied patterns through a song.

The basic objective is to say generate a synth track from the chord track (which I understand how to do) and then apply the arpeggiator to it.

Take the obvious example of verse, chorus and middle 8 sections, I want to produce say a relaxed verse, say a gentle arpeggio, an excited chorus, say a busy arpeggio, and then a third effect on the middle 8, say stabs.

Is it best to use 3 tracks and keep it simple, or can I use some form of automation to select pattern changes?

I’d probs use three tracks and keep it simple tbh. You don’t have to duplicate the VSTi track, but just add a couple of extra empty midi tracks and assign their output to the VSTi channel and record onto those.

Ah yes, quite lightweight, yet lots of flexibility.


Yeah, think i might try some of this in a creative sense myself and chop up a midi phrase into smaller sections across a few different channels with different arps and see what i get…

Have you tried the pattern mode within chord pads? You can create ‘players’ that utilise different playing styles and patterns, and apply as required.

Those players also show up within the chord track ‘follow’ parameters.

I find the MIDI import for sequences within Arpache SX to be a pain as you have to drag the MIDI data into a track first.

Yeah, for sure ski, chord pad/pattern mode is def again a really nice creative arp-like playground that anyone using Cubase should def explore.
And def ArpacheSX really needs an overall overhaul! Powerful… but adding and organising midi clips is a complete pain…