Arpache SX user sequence questions

While I was looking into a problem I’m having with user-sequencing Arpache5 (Arpache5 - Is this a bug or am I missing something? ) I checked out Arpache SX.
Arpache SX lacks a built-in user-sequence editor like most arps. Instead, you create a pattern in another MIDI editor and drop it on Arpache SX. So I made a 4-note sequence in one editor . . .

and dropped it and played a 4-note chord . . .

And it plays the expected 4 note sequence, but it only plays it once, and then silence for the rest of the chord. I’m used to arps that re-trigger so they keep repeating the sequence as long as you play the chord. Arpache SX’s cousin, Arpache 5 does that and so does the arpeggiator in Retrologue 2, and so do all the other arpeggiators I’ve used in other DAWs. How do I get Arpache SX to repeat for the length of the chord?

Also in the Steinberg documentation it says . . .
The notes in the dropped MIDI part are sorted internally, either according to their pitch if the MIDI Seq. sort by pitch checkbox is activated or according to their play order in the part. This results in a list of numbers. For example, if the notes in the MIDI part are C E G A E C and they are sorted according to pitch, the list of numbers reads 1 2 3 4 2 1.

…what list of numbers are they referring to?

Thanks in advance.

Put it in the classic mode (Tabs at the top below presets), and you should get standard Arp features then.

Put it in the classic mode

Classic mode doesn’t seem to have the ability to drop a user sequence onto it. It only seems to have the canned sequences.

Sorry, you’re right. I kept thinking the classic mode had a bar selecter like Arpache 5.

I your problem here is that you haven’t cut the MIDI region at the end of the loop. i.e. :-

It should loop fine as long as you remember to trim the regions to the correct length before importing them.

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Bingo! Thank you!!