Arpeggiated Chord on First Beat of Song

I’m starting a song with an arpeggiated piano chord at the first beat, first measure. I have set Arpeggios Playback → Playback Position to “Ends on Beat”. When I play the song, the only way I can hear the arpeggio leading up to the first beat is if I add a blank measure to the beginning of the song. Is there a setting to make it play without adding the extra measure?

You cannot have arpegg. or grace notes before the first beat (because the first beat is by definition the first beat.
You would have to create an additional beat before the first in order to start with an arpegg. on the first note. Unfortunately I do not know how or whether you can hide this phantom beat in Dorico.

Perhaps this would give you a way to hide an extra rest

Not in the current version, but this will be possible in the next update.
When the update arrives, you will need to set value for the Flow pre-roll in the Playback Options dialog to allow as much time as you need for the arpeggio to sound.

Great! Can’t wait!