Arpeggiator Advice (Help ?)

Hi folks,

If i wanted to purchase a plug-in which would provide me with an ARPEGGIATOR then which one would you recommend please ?? i have heard a lot of members posts on here which are of the Dance music type genre, and i am very sure Arpeggiators have been used to create such music. i would like to learn about how to create Dance type music using my Cubase Artist 6 and Halsion Sonic. But as i say, i think the addition of and Arpeggiator would be an assest from a musical and a learning curve point of view.

i am new to this and so that is why my question is on such a basic level.



There’s Arpache included in Cubase, try that :slight_smile:
It’s a midi insert.

A great way to get started.

Not sure about ‘Cubase Artist’ but with Cubase 6/7 there are two

One very simple to understand and use and another one with more complexity.

HTH (hope this helps)

This free/donation one seems to be nice although I’ve only played with it:


Thanks, i will have a check later. If this is included with Artist 6 then that is fantastic and i was not at all aware of if.

Thanks. This looks very good. The only thing i am worried about it that i have never installed free downloads because i have always been worried about viruses :open_mouth:. i know lots of people who always download free software but it has always concerned me because i once downloaded Winamp and some free Visualisations and ended up wrecking my PC !! So i have always thought that if you PAY for a BOXED version then you can’t go wrong.

i wondered if Steinberg made one which you could purchase as a download (or boxed) version from the Cubase site but i do not think this is the case. i will have a look at the Arpache tonight and see what it is like. i only really want something to get me up and running…

i had a look in Artist 6 manual and could not see anything listed on Arpache. And i searched VSTi (F11) and it does not show up in there either.

Where will i find it please because i am obviously looking in the wrong places !! :confused:

Wouldn’t you want to just do a search in your manual?

Did i not just say i could not see it in the manual !! And if i could see it mentioned in there then obviously i would not be posting this thread would i !!

Got it !! :stuck_out_tongue: Found it under the Midi Inputs dropdown whilst selecting the relevant Midi Track.

Just got to work out how to use it now …!! :confused:

It’s not in the regular Operational Manual PDF but in the Plugin Reference PDF under:
Menu > Help > Documentation

This might have thrown not only you off … :wink:

I’m sure there’s a tutorial somewhere for it, but in short it needs some midi input from the track, which it uses as a base to calculate the patterns.

You can start with a single note that extends for the entire duration of a loop, hook up the midi track to an instrument (software or hardware, doesn’t matter). Now play the cycle while experimenting with the controls in arpache. You can make the loop more complex using more notes or whole chords.

Yes, thats right thanks. i just did not know where to look !! :open_mouth:

Thank you. There is one video on You Tube by Point Blank School and they more or less demonstrate what you suggest. i did not know that there was an Arp included in Artist 6 and so i am very pleased about that :smiley:

My reply wasn’t meant to be sarcastic or along the lines of RTFM at all Just saying that with the PDF manuals all you need to do is control + F to search. You could have looked thru the main and plug in and found it and also an explanation as to how to use it. I don’t have any problem with posting questions. This would joust take you days to get an answer along with context that you could find in minutes. Anyway to each his own.

Alot of keyboards do have built in arpeggiators, but I’ve found Arpache SX to be highly editable. I have yet for it to come up with anything useable to my songs though. :wink:

Is that because your music is mostly solo piano songs ??

I would personally probably use it more often if I had Cubase 6.5 instead of artist, because with the full version you can ‘export’ the midi generated by Arpache to the actual midi track so you can edit it further.

But do you still think that Arpache is good enough to use as it is in order to make a start at learning how to create Dance Music tracks ??