Arpeggiator in VST Live

Hello everybody!
Under one Part, I have 3 instruments open (Sylenth1, Zenology, and Keyscape) - 3 separate layers - on which I play repetitions on one sound. This becomes a bit tricky because I need this hand to play the solo (the repeater plays all the time). The left hand plays PAD (Omnisphere) from another layer.
Does anyone of you know how to add an arpeggiator? How to do it and which arpeggiator to choose?
Sylenth has its own so it’s not a problem, but the others unfortunately don’t. It would make it much easier for me to play this one (4 minutes of repetition) piece.

The best would be a Steinberg arpeggiator, but there isn’t one, or I don’t know about it.