Arpeggiator sequences in Cubasis?

Hi Guys,

I tried searching for arpeggiator related topics but didn’t find any.

I have Cubasis 2.4 on my iPad Pro 12.9". I am interested to do arpeggiated sequences within the program.

I tried to do this via MIDI and a hardware sequencer (audio recorded back into Cubasis), but the clock sent from Cubasis and the hardware synth receiving the MIDI clock deviated too much. It’s close enough for 1/8 note auto-quantization, but anything more granular is unpredictable

So i am wondering if there is a way to perform/record arp sequences where Cubasis is the master clock. For example, is there a iOS app that works within Cubasis as an AU or IAA for this purpose?

Does anyone else already use Cubasis to record arpeggiated sequences? And if so, can you please share some ideas? Thank you.

Hi b_w,

With Cubasis 2.4 we’ve added Audio Unit MIDI support.
BramBros Rozeta plug-in suite includes arepggiators that allows flexible and instant use inside Cubasis.

In case you’ve missed it, here is the link to the video tutorial:

Hope that helps,

I’ve used arpeggios recorded as MIDI notes in my Cubasis projects:

This is another option, of course.
Thanks for sharing the useful tipp, powerobject.