Arpeggio glyph number?

What is the SMuFL unicode number for for the Arpeggio (without arrow)?
In the SMuFL Glyphs Tables @ Please wait while you are redirected
I can see the “arpeggiatoUp” and the “arpeggiatoDown” in the “Plucked Techniques” but I can’t find an arpeggio glyph without arrow.

Could it be that these characters are used?
U+EAA9 “wiggleArpeggiatoUp” or U+EAAA “wiggleArpeggiatoDown”

Yes, Dorico uses the ones from the ‘Multi-segment lines’ range.

There is no such glyph as yet, but it has been requested.

@ Daniel
Thank you.

Where is it possible to download Bravura 1.276?
I can’t find it at gifthub.

Out of curiosity why do the Glyphs tables numbering (on this page Please wait while you are redirected) has been removed ?
It was quit usefull.

Can it be that the glyphs accidentalFlatSmall, accidentalNaturalSmall and accidentalSharpSmall are not available in Bravura?
(uni260.salt01, uni261.salt01, uni262.salt01)

@ Kim Bastin
I had already read here: Add precomposed arpeggio sign with no arrow · Issue #97 · w3c/smufl · GitHub that this had been requested.
I must say I am confused now on how I should understand this.
Dorico does produce Arpeggiato without arrow, according to Daniels answer I assumed then that Dorico uses the glyphs I mentioned:
U+EAA9 “wiggleArpeggiatoUp” or U+EAAA “wiggleArpeggiatoDown”
Do I miss something?

When an arpeggiato line is required in a score, Dorico does not use any of these glyphs to produce it, but builds a line of the required length from individual ‘wiggles’, adding an arrowhead if wanted. The same goes for trill lines.

You already have Bravura 1.276 as it’s installed in your Windows Fonts folder; it was installed by Dorico 2.2.

I don’t know what you’re referring to concerning “glyphs table numbering” in the SMuFL specification. Can you be a bit more specific about what you think has changed?

Ah, OK

Each table was numbered from 4.1 to ? (I forgot)
4.1 Staff brackets and dividers
4.2 Staves
4.3 Barlines

Would you mind to answer my question about the small accidental glyphs?

The small accidentals are at U+F427, U+F428 and U+F429.

Ah, thank you.
For some reasons these 3 glyphs are written with .salt01 instead of .ss01 here: