Arpeggio playback flawed in multiple voices

If 2 voices of one hand are connected to arpeggio with another voice of the other hand, playback of arpeggio does not work correctly.

Could you please attach your test project here, to save us the hassle of recreating it? Thank you!

Gladly, here it is. (445 KB)

Dorico behaves as we would expect at the moment; it only tracks the voices at the start and end of the arpeggio sign, i.e. the voices to which the starting and ending notes of the arpeggio belong. I’m not sure how we could easily determine that notes in other voices should definitely be treated as being part of the same arpeggio. I suppose we could try to find notes at the same position whose pitches are between the lowest and highest notes to be played in the arpeggio, but I’m not sure how involved that would be.

I think it’s actually all the notes in the same position in one bar.
I suspect there will also be a problem (I have not investigated) if the note offset is so large that the sum exceeds the length of the bar. The offset limit must limit the bar width. Or it must be combined with rallentando.