Arpeggio Swash Appearance

I updated to 3.5 some time ago, but I haven’t worked with the swashes since I upgraded until now. My swashes for both the up and down arpeggios have changed appearance.

Here is the old version (prior to upgrade):
And here is the post-upgrade version:

I assume this is due to the upgrade since I can’t think of anything else that has changed. I hope I am wrong and let me know if this has been solved.


Yes, I’m afraid this is indeed a problem introduced by some changes made in Dorico 3.5, and it requires a change to the Bravura font to put right. The attached version of Bravura has the fix, so if you replace your installed version with this one, you should find that your swashes look correct again. If you find that the downward swash still looks a bit weird, go to Engrave > Repeatable Symbols, select ‘Arpeggiato downward swash’ in the list on the left-hand side, and change the ‘Repeat offset’ to 1.7. (380 KB)

Thanks Daniel!