Arpeggio symbol on single notes

Hi there,

I may be missing something here, but I cannot place arpeggio (spread) lines next to single notes in the following examples.

  1. In the first, I need one to show a guitar spread chord while using a slash voice. I could use a single note and change the notehead, but I would like the full chord (which I have hidden with the slash voice) to sound during playback.
  2. In the second, I need to notate a bell tree arpeggio in a percussion kit. Dorico won’t let me use the regular arpeggio line on a single note.

Any advice on best/most efficient practice to achieve the desired results?
Chord symbol arpeggio.jpg
Bell Tree.jpg

I’m having the same problem …

For the percussion example: Put a lower note in a different voice. Select both and add arpeg. symbol. Scale the lower note to 1. Flip the stem of the wanted note.


Enter the chord notes that you want to sound, enter the arpeggio symbol, select the chord notes, in the properties pannel/color set the alfa channel to 0, also in the properties pannel but in engrave mode, hide the stem, ledger lines and accidentals if needed. Enter the note with the rythmic value you want in a new slashed voice.

Thanks so much for these suggestions. They’ve both worked. But, blimey, these are long and complicated workarounds! Might be something for Dorico to think about implementing in an easier way in the future?

In theory this doesn’t need a workaround - you just need to ensure that Engraving Options > Arpeggio Signs > Arpeggio signs on slash voices is set to show. This thread doesn’t confirm whether there’s a bug or not, but it might be worth a read.

Thanks pianoleo, you are right as usual.
The lenght of the arpeggio symbol is not as long as expected but can be extended in engrave mode. That is much easier as what i wrote before.

Thanks Leo, that’s the solution I was waiting for !

As always, thanks Leo!!!

This doesn’t work on the bell tree notation… any suggestions besides the lengthy workaround?

Welcome to the forum, Isaac. I find that if I add an arpeggio to a single note on a single-line unpitched percussion instrument, it appears one “wiggle” high, but I can easily extend it in Engrave mode. Could you clarify if you are not finding that to be the case, or have some other kind of problem?

Hello - bell tree or “graduated wind chimes” notation: I am trying, on a 5 line unpitched percussion staff, to add a down arpeggio sign on a diamond head note, to indicate descending motion on the instrument. It refuses to be added. I can add a “jazz” wavy fall - no problem. I can’t add a glissando sign either. In 4/4 this descent happens over two bars. All help appreciated. EDIT: I have also tried a descending arrow but that wasn’t allowed either. If I grab the jazz fall and stretch it in Engrave Mode for some reason the bar widens far too much. Ideally I’d like this marking to extend across the barline.

Unfortunately you can’t use a real glissando line on an unpitched percussion kit, so I think a wiggly jazz fall will be the best option; Dorico doesn’t at present have an automatic option to allow the fall to cross the barline, but you should be able to adjust the rhythmic spacing using the Note Spacing tool in Engrave mode.

Thank you, Daniel.