"arpeggio up or down" symbol


Is there a way to place an “arpeggio up or down” symbol to the selected chords (not one by one)? When I select the notes and click on the arpeggio menu, the arpeggio symbol is placed only on the first chord (it takes about 4 seconds for the symbol to be place on the score).

Thanks for any help

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to add an arpeggio to multiple chords at once, but you should find that you can copy an arpeggio sign with Alt+click quickly from one chord to the next: you need select only a single note in each chord in order to paste the arpeggio sign there. Don’t forget that you can quickly select all of the notes on a stem by clicking on the stem rather than on the noteheads, too.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you so much for the information.

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