I’m interested to find out where the program is with regard to arpeggios…

My current scoring program has issues with implementing arpeggios across different voices and staffs and, personally, I find I have to set the timings manually every time to get a realistic playback. There’s a fair bit of work involved…

Has Dorico addressed the voice / staff issue and what’s the situation with playing back arpeggios? Any customisation elements?

We haven’t yet implemented arpeggio lines, but the plan is that each end of the line will store a reference to a specific note event (in the same way that slurs and glissando lines do), which will allow each end to be attached to notes in different voices or indeed on different staves with no problems.

As for playback, I imagine we will allow control over the direction of the arpeggio (which would be defaulted based on whether you choose an upward or downward arpeggio), and over the speed of arpeggiation.

Thanks Daniel. The other issue for playback is whether the arpeggio starts or ends on the beat (or even strides it?) Personally, I usually go with it ending on the beat

OK, thanks for the feedback, David. I’m not sure how much control over arpeggio playback there will be in the first version, but I will add this idea to our backlog for when we come to implement it.

Daniel, have a look at the CB logical editor. When adding an arpeggio ending on the beat you only have to calculate the shift.
The advantage is that the user has still full control of the playback being that no automation is involved.

Just my tuppence :wink:

Performing arpeggios, exactly as all other ornaments, depends strongly on the type of music. Not only if they are on the beat or before it, but think to mordents or baroque embellishments. I don’t know if everything should be leaved to a program, or if what you hear should (or may) be different from what you see… :confused:

Anyway I can tell you that arpeggios are one of the ugliest ornaments represented in Cubase: the horrible font and the right position so difficult to achieve… :smiley: Then yes, there are the arpeggios with arrow, which honestly I’ve never used :wink: