Arppegiator for Build-Ups

Hey guys, do you know how can I do this in Cubase?

I’ve tried using Arpeggiator SX but without luck.
Is there any plugin that I can buy that does this if Cubase doesnt have an option for this?

Tried it with Arpache SX and you can do that, but automation isnt working for me. I think there is a bug with that plugin in that it doesnt respect the MIDI pattern (another forum post and ticket, raised as a bug), perhaps this is another bug.


Ensure the step size is changed to PPQ then drag the time down to get the fast effect as on the video, and it’s set to Repeat play mode. You will find this as you play back the chords yourself, but for me at least, writing the automation of the step size timing coming down didn’t work.