.ARR files coversion

Steinberg Gave us free version of Cubase 3 SX to allow the ability to open .arr files. it would not be better if they could create a small program to batch convert them into cpl files as my sx now has issues with my Universal Audio interface will not see the driver


Thumbs up for a conversion tool :+1:t3: I would very much need and love to have it at the moment - as the .ALL import doesn’t work well in SX3; getting “song header” error messages when trying to import .ALL or .ARR files. But, let’s be realistic - Steinberg didn’t release a converter in the last 15 years and won’t release one in the next 15 years. I think the data structure must be a complete different code and not very easy to convert with a small tool. It’s a shame!

It seems like the only reliable way is to use an in between version like VST5. Then use SX3 to convert the VST5 file to SX3 and then Cubase 5/6/7 to convert the SX3 file into something that Cubase 10.5 can read. This is how I “rescued” my old Atari stuff and it worked ok.

The main problem is that the current Cubase license will not run VST5. VST5 dongles are cheap but you either need to find a computer with parallel port support or ask Steinberg to transfer the license to the USB dongle (that’s what I did).