Arr to cpr

Hi there, i need an actual link to a SX3 download to convert some tracks!

Thank you in advance!

Have a nice WE

Converting Cubase VST songs (ALL/ARR) into CPR format – Steinberg Support

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ok, SE3 is also working for this!?

What is the “best” for this? SE, SL or SX?

And thanks for the topic//link, i didn´t find it with the search function!

It depends on the features you need in SX, SL or SE.
If you have a Cubase Pro version (up to C11) you can start SX with it, that has the most functions.

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Do i have to install a virtual maschine to run the Programm? I´m a Cubase Pro User Yes!

No. After you install Cubase SX3, update the eLicenser as well (from here).

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You can install SX3.1 on a Windows10 System.
Only the old eLCC should not be installed, otherwise the current Pro version will no longer work.
If necessary, the current eLCC can be installed again

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Hi! thanks for the responses. I tried to install (Se and SX) but after a few seconds the installprocess stucks!

then i have to abort the installation.

You could also install it on an old XP machine and copy out just the “Cubase SX3” folder from “Program Files”. If that folder is then copied onto Windows 10 (not installed!) and you run “Cubasesx3.exe” it will work, at least well enough to convert project files.

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Maybe somweone has such a “folder”. i don´t have a running xp machine anymore :smiley: or maybe Steinberg/Yamaha has those files?

Have you tried installing SX3.1 as administrator?

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I tried it now as admin! But it stucks also at the “fonts”

You need to run Windows 10 in Safe Mode, then SX3 will install from the installer.

I can’t remember that this was necessary for me (WIN10) about a year ago. Especially since the error message “only” has something to do with the font folder :thinking:

Perhaps run the installer in Windows XP compatibility mode?

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I installed SX3 a few months ago trying to assist someone on Ableton forum open old files. Safe mode works to install. Then all good in standard mode to use.
More info here:

Maybe the Safe Mode is the Solution! But maybe Steinberg/Yamaha can create a folder with the files already unzipped correctly? So a real installation ins´t needed anymore! So you just have to copy the folder into your Steinberg folder on C:

Just a suggestion

Anyway! Thank you all for your advices and solutions!