Arrange Page GUI - purrsistent problem

This started getting really bad when I moved up to C 9.5. I’ve had occasional problems before, but nothing so purrsistent. It’s happening several times a day, often for quite long periods and is really hindering my workflow. Sometimes a loud bit of audio seems to clear it, but then it returns periodically throughout the working day.

Apart from obscuring the Arrange page, everything else seems graphically to be ok, my mixer on a separate monitor is rarely affected. It does seems to follow the mouse pointer a lot.

Has anybody else experienced similar problems? I am guessing that it could affect both Windows and Mac OS.

See attachment.

I have similar problems here. I´m also noticing strange keystrokes sometimes. I haven´t yet found a solution, but I´m pretty sure Steinberg will come up with something in the next update. BTW Did you make bug report on this one?

I did notice that there is a low level thrumming noise at times - that seems to come and go. I couldn’t locate an error log.

There seems to be a physical link to my Faderport. As the slider moves, so the problem chases it. Keystrokes, indeed any keyboard activity is problematic, risky actually!

I’m not expecting any official support from Steinberg. I reckon they’d say it’s more of an operating system issue.