Arrange Strip Modules For all Channnels at same time.

Hello. I tried several ways to arrange channel strip modules in all channel at same time. Cause i wanna a default order in my workflow. Just like this.

1 saturation
2 gate
3 desser
4 compresor.
5 EQ
6 Limiter

*So tried ctr+c in One channel then ctr+v in others channels with Q-Link active and configuration is copied but pan and fader too and its something i dont wanna do. Cause my original mix is lose.
*Another option is click and slide strip tab to every channel, but each One at time. (Sooo slowww and not practice way)

  • another option is load presets each One at time toó. (So much slow than before)

So i would like know a really good WAY to do it for all channels at same time.

Any Info about ir?? :question:

Use Busses.
Also, I believe there is a video on Steinberg’s youtube where it shows you how to change what gets copied…

Check under "Link Group Settings"