arrange track events cant be resized.

I’m getting weird behaviour when creating and resizing arranger events. I am unable to re-size my arrange events. Is there some incompatibility with having both arrange tracks ( with events ) AND. marker tracks?
I did an experiment where I created a new empty project and then added arrange events. I was able to resize the events. but after I added a marker track and some markers and then attempting to resize arrange events resizing seems disabled.
what gives?
I’ve replaced the picture with a video. this is on the latest cubase 10.5 Pro update. On a Mac mini 2018 Catalina.

I’ve posted a video of this happening on the Facebook group Cubase Pro

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I cannot reproduce it here. Even with Marker track(s) and Marker events in the project, I can resize the Arranger events.

Could you attach a screenshot, please? When you hover over the Arranger event, can you see the resize dots in the bottom corners?

<When you hover over the Arranger event, can you see the resize dots in the bottom corners?>

yes I can see the resize dot in the bottom right corner. when I drag it to the right to make the event longer it acts as if its resizing but as soon as I let go of the mouse button the event block just flips back to the old size. However if I change the length attribute in the properties pane at the top of the window I can change the event size as I wish.

here is a link to a YouTube video of the issue

You have your mouse cursor as Sizing Applies Time Stretch change it to Normal Sizing


Ah I see. many thanks,

I didn’t have the toolbar shown in my default window so messed the drop down menu option to change sizing modes. Now I have the toolbar shown I can see how to do it.


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