Arrangement and editing questions, solved!

i have my first project loaded in cubase and stuck on some basic editing issues that are driving me crazy.
PS, i have worked over 10 years as a full time protools editor and used logic for a long time, so maybe i am so old school and not getting it!

-I am trying to rearrange a complicated song with lots of muti-tracks… i want to split a section, move it and repeat the verse and re-arange some parts …
-tried placing everything in a folder then cut it with the scissor, cubase warned about sync issues, click it worked the first time ONLY, then Cubase will not let me Cut on the other end, the scissor is not working.
-Tried to select all tracks after the cursor, works, but as soon as i Zoom in, the selection is LOST, driving me mad, zooming should not interfere with the selection.

what is the easiest way to split a song into sections, re-arrange the parts… I never had these issues before with the other software, i feel like an idiot and i am sure its a user error!

Use the song arranger, this is exactly what its for… Also make sure you have the snap on when slicing

WOW!!! so impressed now, did not even know about this, problem solved, this is such a slick and neat solution, i could not imagine its that easy!!! thank you:)

but note that you cannot mix down an arranger arrangement.

Fine! at least i can do song editing fast, i was trying to do this manually and it drove me insane! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Cool. Just wanted to point it out because if you had just been driven insane by the previous business, this could’ve driven you over the edge!

:laughing: :laughing: yes sure!

the other option is to use the “range” sub-menu under Edit menu.
u can use the left/right locators to select and edit a part.(or the selection tool)
see the options u have in the “range” sub menu.if u use it alot u can assign key commands to it.
this way is better than the regular copy and past editing for section editing.

AMAZING! yes range works easily and efficiently too, thank you, thank you, Cubase is awesome:)

Thx for letting us know!