Arrangement events different heights

This is only a cosmetic issue but strange nonetheless, the arrangement events take on differing heights, ,but when I zoom in enough they end up taking the full height…

See screenshot for problem
Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 9.13.55 PM.png

Your post is like being asked to multiply 2 numbers but not being told what the numbers are…but then I think it should be OK cos your screencap will tell me that…but then I see the screencap has been carefully cropped to only show the multiplication symbol too. :confused:
Track type
Cubase version :question:

I guess I took the people with all the answers for granted. I left other info out because I feel the problem is only to do with the Arranger track. The events in the screenshot are on the Arranger track only.

Cubase 9 Pro 9.

This is how the arranger track normally indicates an overlap in the arrangement events.
NB: On my system I can force the height change with a few ticks overlap and at a certain zoom (out rather than in) the event height does change to full height.
If you definitely don’t have any overlap I guess it’s a Mac bug?

Ok when I’m home I’ll zoom right in to see if there’s a minute overlap and that’s causing it. Strange thing is when you zoom in close the heights become all the same

Same problem here, no overlap at all but zooming problem. Win 10, check the sign.

I found that the problem of incorrect viewing of Arranger track segments depends on the length of the name of the single event. To remove the problem you need to insert very short labels. Otherwise, Cubase will try to arrange the display according to the length of the script, making it disappear even if it is too long. :unamused:

Hi there!
The Arranger Tracks could be great if Steinberg would resolve this bug!
It’s very important for me to use unique names which are (sometimes long).

The arranger track could be great for an overview of songs. I use it to learn (cover) Songs. But if you zoom in you only have a little part of it…
So this bug makes it unusable for that purpose.

Still issue in 10.5.12 here. It doesn’t matter short or long event name!
Does it work for anyone here?

This is really annoying and it would be great if it was fixed.