Arrangement field in Project info panel?

Would it be possible to have an arrangement field in the project info panel and a token that displays this? My publisher’s house style shows the instrumentation of a piece In the header next to other information. So for example, string quartet or piano trio, etc. right now I’m using another non used field for this but the problem is that I keep on forgetting which one! :grin:

It may be that it doesn’t give you exactly what you want, but have you tried {@playerlist@} ? This should theoretically give you what you want, automatically, I think.

I think ‘Ensemble’ might perhaps be a better word for this metadata, if we were to add it. I’ll certainly make a note of it.


This gives a list of the instruments used, but what I need it the ensemble name.

Ah ok - I misunderstood.

I work with a few different templates and I intentionally misuse some of the fields in Project Info. I’ve filled in the Project Info (Project Work Number etc.) with the specific use of each field. That way when I come to recycle a template I’m reminded where to use which token.

I’m probably not explaining myself clearly - I’ll try to post a screenshot when I’m next behind the right computer.

One extremely beautiful thing would be if Dorico could, automatically, create a standard instrumentation list, based on the the players in the score. I.e. 2222 / 2221 / 2 / 1 / str (as for double wind, double brass, 1 tuba, 1 perc, 1 harp and strings)

Yeah, I know, this is of course a little bit over the top, but anyway. Maybe in Dorico 5… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses: