Arrangement options in Cubase

Hi, was wondering if it is at all possible to overlap Arrangement events to play simultaneously in Cubase?

This would go a way to helping you layer a song. Right now to layer a song you have to repeat the entire section and add/take out parts as needed. But if I could play multiple arranger sections on top of each other, then I could have a lot more options (e.g. putting a hat on the first 4 bars, putting the kick exclusively on bars 4-8, etc etc. and picking and choosing which layers I want to play)

This is similar to Scenes/Clips in Ableton.


No, you can’t overlap them in the Arrange. If course, you can in the Project window, but this doesn’t help to your scenario.

Thanks man, all good

Are you about Arranger Chain or about making few tries while recording and than choose a better one?