Arrangement track creates parts but doesn't place them where they happen in Cubase

It would be great that when exporting a media project from Cubase that the arrangement places the parts corresponding to where they happen in Cubase. While creating the parts from an arrangement track does save time, it would be even better if I didn’t have to manually assign these parts in VST live.


Hi @Stephen_Mackrill,

could you please give us an example Cubase Project file (cpr) which shows the problem when importing it to Cubase with wring trigger times of parts.

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

It’s not when it’s imported to Cubase, it’s after I have set an arrangement track in cubase, then exported a media project to use in VST live. It creates the parts fine, just doesn’t place them anywhere on the timeline. So I have to manually place them. I could be doing something wrong of course, I am quite new to the Cubase/Vst Live world.

But sure, here’s a cubase project for you to inspect.


I just realised this my my error!!!

I wasn’t clicking on “create triggers”


Thanks for the support though!

Facepalms myself!