Arrangement View Doesn't Reappear Properly

On the latest Macbook Pro 15". I’ve set up workspaces. When I switch from one workspace that has the arrangement window maximized (from top of the screen to bottom, not ending just above the dock), to another workspace (such as my mixer view), and then switch back to my first workspace with the arrangement window…either it re-displays but only showing white, or it doesn’t display at all, staying minimized in the dock. The only way for me to get it to view properly is by minimizing it to the dock if it was displaying but only white, and then reopening it, or by switching to another workspace where I have the arrangement window only filling, say half of the screen and not maximized to the very bottom. I noticed if I have the arrangement window stretched across the whole screen but ending just above the dock, switching workspaces is fine. Is this a bug?

My other DAWs can be maximized to the whole screen with issues like this, so I’m just wondering if anyone else has come across this on their Macbook (Pros). I’m running Snow Leopard still, with 6.0.3. Thanks.

I have Cubase running w/out the issues mentioned. An old Macbook 13" with Snow Leopard… :neutral_face:
Probably not what you wanted to hear?

definitely not! :cry:

do you have your arrange window fully expanded, where the bottom goes to bottom edges of your screen? also, do you have your dock auto-hide or always present?