Arrangement zoomsettings lost in workspaces

I’m working on a sound design project where I have collected assorted sounds in one part of the arrangement,
and I assemble them somewhere else in the arrangement, 20 minutes to the left.
I need to do a lot of jumping around to pick up sounds. Mem Zap is nice but doesn’t cut it enough.
I want a workspace zoomed on the collection and one on the place where I’m working and editing.

I tried and tried but I keep getting lost as cursor position and zoom settings and location in the arrangement do what ever they want, but surely don’t get remembered in the workspaces.
Am I missing something? Is this broken in my installation? Most people only mention mixer settings broken, but I don’t see my problem on the forum.
This is a terrible workflow killer, but it used to work in other versions.

Any tips? Is it a bug?
Cubase 8.5.15 on win 10


This is not a bug, it works as specified. Zoom level is not part of Workspaces, same as the cursor position. For the cursor position, I would recommend you to to use Markers.

Thank you Martin.
I believe I even read that somewhere else. But, how can that be as specified. I mean, if it is, they basically removed very useful functionality.
I’d strongly suggest they’d make it an option to store or not store song position and zoom setting.
Or have several Mem Zap s. That does exactly what I want, but you can only go back to 1 place. I need two, but 5 would be nice.
I did try to use markers as a solution but what I need still gets positioned half outside of screen, and is also several tracks up or down which means scrolling and moving each time. Basically each time I make a time jump I’m lost, it takes time and is tiring. Which is bad. And it was good. This is bad design specification in my opinion. I write this to give at least some form of feedback.

You are just the messenger, and I always stay polite, but I am very sorry for this finding and expressing how I feel about this would fall far outside my politeness criteria.


Myself, I would really love to have a Zoom level part of the Workspaces. At the other hand, I would really hate to have a cursor position as a part of the Workspaces. So as you can see, it’s pretty individual.

Of course, this could be part of preferences. At the other hand, even no, Cubase is “over-preferenced”, I would say. And it’s easy to lost in a preferences.