Arranger and Transpose Tracks Missing From Import Option


I have been importing a project into a template and notice that arranger and transpose tracks are missing from import options and importing input/output channels causes it to dissapear from the tracks window after import, the folder is empty.

Please add arranger and transpose tracks to the list.

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It’s by design. Please add the optional feature-request tag to your post.

This looks more like a bug becasue it is a track after all and you can import all other tracks, but nevermind I have added a feature request.


No, you can’t. There are track types you can’t import.

I only noticed this with arranger track all other tracks inc chord track, markers track and signature tracks were there. I don’t see why arranger track would be ommited by desing, tbh.


What about the Transpose- and Ruler tracks?

Well, ruller is just ruller doesn’t affect your track and transpose it is not clear to me why it was omitted as well - it also includes important information about your project. I could understand this to be by design if marker track wasn’t included in the import, otherwise it is missing function if you worked on a project with transpose and arranger that you import into another project you have to do all arranging and transposing all over again. It is like if cubase imported the project without your midi drum section. That should fall into a bug not a feature request category in my opinion.

But that’s not how it works. A bug is an error in the code, not just a missing feature.

Your feature request is clear, people can vote on it and support it, of course.

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Users don’t see a code we see front end and from the perspective of import tracks we see arranger track missing it is even named “arranger track” how does that fall into missing feature cattegory not a bug cattegory?