Arranger Chain: missing 'loop current chain' function?

Hi, I have a crazy idea for using the Arranger track along with Loopcloud as a kind of rough and ready sampler to chop and sequence DnB breakbeats like the Amen.

This workflow kinda works fine, but I would like the reprogrammed sequence to loop cycle indefinitely (of at least till I toggle it off)

Is there an easy way to set the Arranger Editor to simply loop the current Arranger Chain? Then you can chop and change slice order (each individual Arranger Event) while the editor is looping until you hit a re-sequenced pattern that is pleasing to the ear.

Probably going blind, but cannot see a button for ‘Loop Arranger Chain’… using Cubase 13


Set the Mode to Repeat Forever. Currently played Arranger Event will repeat until you switch to the next (or another) one, or you stop.

Thanks for replying @Martin.Jirsak

To clarify, I dont want to repeat a single, currently played arranger event. I would like to loop the entire Arranger Chain length. i.e. all events.

Do you or anybody else know how to do this, or is this functionality missing from Cubase 13?


Oh, I see. I’m sorry, this is not possible.

I only have Cubase 12. There the Arranger Chain will cycle endlessly when the Cycle is activated.

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It maybe a bug / omission by the Dev Team in Cubase 13 then.

When I activate the Arranger, pretty sure it automatically switches off Cycle :-/

Any other Cubase 13 users out there who can verify?


I can confirm this change from Cubase 12 to Cubase 13.

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…a breaking change! :disappointed:

I haven’t really reported many bugs to Steinberg. What’s the best current way to get this fixed with the best chance of faster attention please?


I will report this to Steinberg.

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Time for some sarcasm: How much shall we bet that this feature was fixed because it was deemed to be a bug in Cubase 12?


Hard to guess. Might be, this combination leads to an issue.

Just from reading these forums it would seem that Cubase 13 has less features than 12 did. But in return, it has more bugs.

Many thanks @Martin.Jirsak - I hope it they can fix it back for us!