Arranger Chains Export

Allow Cubase to Mixdown Arranger chains without flattening. Hate going back to the original project with multiple chains and drag everything from a flattened version that didn’t work out.

+1 – It would be very nice to be able to have an Export Audio Mixdown of an Arranger Chain without Flattening into a New Project or the Current Project. That said, I sometimes flatten an arrangement several times in succession before arriving at the final version of the Project, so, don’t take away anything about how Arranger Track and Chains currently work.

Definitely. Just adding mixdown of a current active chain would be enough.





It is degrading the Arragner chain functionality so much, I thought that it was a bug…

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Possibility to do Export Audio Mixdown of Arranger Chain without flattening… yes please!
Radiobuttons in the Export window to choose between Locators, Cycles, or the active Arranger chain (if existing).

Practically, it would mean Cubase in the Export process does sort of a virtual flattening process in the background needed for the export, but nothing is rearranged or saved to any project (except the mixdown file if wanted) (and nothing is deleted).

The result would be an exported audio file corresponding to the active arranger chain, but with no flattening of the project needed.

(An extended possibility would be to be able to select several arranger chains for export at the same time, but the important thing is to be able to export the active arranger chain.)

+1 yes - doing alts is cumbersome with the current process.