Arranger Headers/ Blocks are stuck to Events - A bug?

Always block out parts of composition, using the Arranger track, as part of my initial set up. Intr, verse 1, Verse 2 Chorus, Etc Etc. Leave it switched off untill i get to reorgasing flow of composition.

I have musical Audio events on the project page, under these headers, and are adding and trialing ideas.

Never happened before but when i highlight an event to edit/ move either up and down a track or along the time line the Arranger block ( Intro, Verse etc ) moves as well! and because those blocks will not shift into another lane, it prevent ne from slidingthe the event to another track.

When i highlight one event, some of the other events in that Arranger block highlight as well when i don’t want them to.

If i slide an event along the timeline, say move the chorus up toi replicate it elsewhere, then the Arranger block header moves as well when i actually want it to stay where is is.

Ut’s like the events are linked to the arranger block and also stuck to other events under that block.
It causes chaos an impedes movement of events.

Sorry - that might all be a bit confusing .

Sounds like you’ve inadvertently Grouped them. Select one of them, which should also Select all the other things it is Grouped with and use Edit>Ungroup to set them back to normal.

Hi Thanks for the response.
No - checked and it isn’t that ,
I’ve rebooted to see if it cleas but it doesn’t. Damn annoyong as it makes a continual mess of the arranger headers as you duplicate events and also can’t move tracks vertically as it doesnt allow the header track to come out the arranger lane.

Perhaps some screenshots would be helpful to see what’s happening.