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ME AGAIN…sorry…but I’m honoured to help improve Dorico.

Daniel, this is something that puzzled me even from Sibelius.

When one enters a piece’s info (Tite, Composer, Arranger, Lyrics, Copyright etc)…all the information is added to the score EXCEPT the ARRANGER…

WHY don’t you include the “Arranger” info right beneath the Composer? This IS standard practice.

I wonder…is there a way you wonderful guys could allow Dorico to STORE and ADD info that is added to a new project automatically?

After YEARS of creating scores in Finale and Sibelius, I cannot tell you the number of times I have to open a text file, copy and paste that Copyright clause, add arranger and Publisher info etc.

I’m actually amazed that this thought did not strike someone at AVID and now even Steinberg. Those bits of info is possibly always the same.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEAAASSSEEE…save the Copyright textbox and allow the arranger label to be added to the score just the same as the Composer.

Hans :slight_smile:

BY THE WAY…I LOVE DORICO. You guys did an amazing job so far. What an amazing idea how to create a pickup bar for example just like so many other functions. Don’t worry too much about bad critisism. I code in VB (I’m not nearly you guys’ level), BUT I can see what incredible amount of work went into Dorico so far. Goodness…the easy thing is creating the interface GUI/forms and dialogues…but all those exception trappings, procedures, the MIDI database, tapping into the audio engine, algorithms that are constructed from engraving rules from books and professors that make Dorico choose engraving options for the user…and so I can carry on! It is almost the same as creating an Operating System. So, at least from MY side, I recognise (from a programmer’s perspective) the amount of work, discussions (probably arguments), sleep deprivation and endless testing of code, properties, variables, API calls etc. Dorico, Daniel, is going to be your, your team and all those at Steinberg’s LEGACY! So BASTA to BAD Criticism…only GOOD Criticism is constructive. VIVA DORICO! :slight_smile:

We would need some more clever conditional text content if we were going to add the arranger automatically, because if you consider that the current text frame for composer text simply contains the token {@flowComposer@}, it would need to add some kind of text that is not specified in the actual Arranger field in order to end up with something like:

W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
arr. Hans Nel

i.e. the “arr.” text would have to be added dynamically only if {@flowArranger@} is set, and we don’t currently have any functionality like this.

All of the fields in Project Info are saved in the project, so once we have proper support for templates it would be possible both to populate the copyright etc. fields in your templates with your own default values, and also to change the master page definitions such that you will automatically see both the composer and arranger names in the same spot.

Thanks Daniel,

I’m thinking of certain other software like Office where “Personal info” is saved and then used in templates eg Name, address, Company etc.

In Dorico, personal info like “Studio”, “Name, last name”, “Copyright”, etc. could actually be saved by Dorico. It is info that’s always the same and those text fields could be populated by these info automatically. WHAT is it that is different in new scores?..Title, Sub Title, Composer, Lyrics, Dates. I’m sure the other info should basically remain the same.

I understand what you mean regarding the “Arranger” field, but it does not HAVE to have the “arr.” prefix"hardwired" in Dorico. All I need to do is enter in the “Arranger” field…“arr. Hans Nel”. So Dorco saves (maybe in XML file) “arr. Hans Nel”…NOT ONLY “Hans Nel”. This way, you COULD actually use {@flowArranger@} not having to worry about the “arr.” prefix.

That is what I do in Sibelius. I enter in the “Arranger field”…“arr. Hans Nel” and then add the /$Arranger/ token in Sibelius.

But anyway, it is (after many years) getting to me (Xanax, Alzam, Traquipam, Prozac :slight_smile:) to go search for my text file to copy the “Copyright” text and paste it into Sibelius EVERY TIME I create a score and the centre justify it…where I know it can/should actually be done by the software. I mean, considering the complexity of Dorico in it’s entirety, THIS should be peanuts to code…I’m sure. :slight_smile:

But, you guys ARE extremely busy, so I’m naturally patient while Dorico turns into a beauty! :slight_smile:

Keep well my friend!

An interesting idea. Of course thousands of us do this kind of repetitive data entry.

I’m sure they won’t want to do it this way, because it breaks the semantic function of the field.
Your first name is not “arr.”.