Arranger mode and notes cutting off question

When I playback in arranger track mode, any notes near the end of an arranger event gets immediately cut-off before the start of the next arranger event. Any way to have the notes carry on and complete to their note length as normal?



Do you mean the notes are cut-off at the moment of the jump to another Arranger Part?

I can imagine, there is something in the code because of the security reasons (to prevent hanging notes).

That’s right, yeah, the moment jumps happen in arranger mode, notes still playing are cut off.

Hanging notes shouldn’t be a problem as Cubase I believe doesn’t record note off but duration. So internally it’s going through the list of notes still playing and prematurely stopping them, instead of allowing them to play until the end of their duration.

I don’t know if Cubase is recording length or end, but from the MIDI specification I know only Note On and Note Off. I don’t know Note length.

It would be interesting to compare with older Cubase versions. Did it change?