arranger new capabilties

I’m using arranger track mainly for live use on stage.
I would welcome the following enhancments that will allow me to control cubase more tightly:

  1. Make the “jump” function to include :“from current section ending”.
    That will allow to isuue a jump in the arragment asynchrounusly, at any time without having to worry about not completing the current section.
    At the current version the operator has to “calculate” a max of 2 bars before pressing the mouse to execut the jump .
    This is very difficult at live situations.

  2. The current version lets add remote control to absolute sections in an arragment ( I.E section 1,2,3 Etc)
    It is very hard to sign an external controller if one has, say, 40 songs devided to about 4-8 sections each.
    It would be more logical to be able to asign controler to section relative to the current song being played.
    This way, one would be able to assign note midi A1 to Verse 1(of any song), note midi B1 to pre chorus ( of any song), Etc… to all the songs in an

  3. Add Tempo track control abilty to be assinged to an external hardware midi controller.
    This is a must in a live show where fine or coarse tuning of tempo is needed to be adjusted according to the show energy or make Rubato (free
    tempo) changes.
    The tempo has to change in a relative fasion from tempo at the begining of the current song ( this is a more natural base to start adding tempo
    changes than the preciding song tempo that was changed by the operator).
    At the end of the performance an option of “reset all tempo changes?” has to be offered the musicians so that he starts next show fresh without any
    tempo changs he made and that were relevant only for the current show.
    Thank you for your attention

I totally agree with 3.!

Moreover, I have been searching for the Cubase equivalent to Abelton Live’s Beatseeker app (in Max Live), which allows the drummer to control the project’s tempo. For all I have seen with other DAWs so far, it is always the click forcing all live musicians to follow in a live set.

Does anyone know of a work-around in vice versa to have the drum input signal controlling the project’s tempo for a live setup? Thanx in advance!

Allegedly you used to be able to control Cubase’s tap tempo via devices set up in the Generic Remote …back in version 6.5.
I wonder why that was removed. Probably was buggy I guess.

Hopefully Steinberg will really overhaul the whole Generic Remote system or scrap it for some new more powerful midi learn system.