Arranger track - active item (9.0/9.5)

For fear of getting a warning from moderator, I will describe step by step this very very difficult way to error on Arranger track.

  1. Create new project.
  2. Add Arranger Track.
  3. Create two or more items (events) on Arranger Track and leave their names as is - A, B, C etc. (In picture below there are Part-A and Part-B)
  4. Add all events to Current Arranger Chain (using double-clicking on every event in Arranger Events list in Left zone).
  5. Activate Arranger Mode. Active is item A.
  6. Click on Current Item to open selection list - item A is checked.
  7. Click on B for example.
  8. Now B is active, but, if you click on Current Item to open selection list, you will see that checked is item A.
  9. Click on another item, it activates it, but opened selection list always shows first item as checked.

Of course, when active is not first item, but you open selection list with first item checked, click on it, then it becomes active.