Arranger track automation issue, when flattening

There seems to be an issue when flattening the arranger track. The automated levels of Vca tracks get all messed up when i flatten. Never seemed to have been an issue before version 11. Is there a setting that i am missing, IE is a flatten automation along with track box unchecked somewhere.

I ran into a similar flattening issue today. Automation for groove tracks brought into my project from the Media Bay did not honor the volume and pan automation I added to them after the track was flattened. When listening in the arranger it was working fine though.

A workaround for this is to create a group track and add the output of the groove track to the group track and move the automation to the group track. When flattening using this method it honored the automation.

This quirk with flattening seems like a bug but I’ve only started using the arranger track recently. Unsure if this is expected behavior for automation on these specific kinds of tracks. This “workaround” of wrapping a groove track in a group track solely to have the arranger honor automation when flattening could get cumbersome with a large project.

Can someone confirm if this is a bug, or if there is a more efficient way to solve this problem?

Also noticed that if automation on a track is locked the arranger doesn’t flatten the automation for the track how you would expect.

This was easily fixed by unlocking the automation but it implies that using the automation lock with the arranger has a blind spot. Or is this expected/desired behavior?