Arranger Track chops event tails

I’m not sure if everyone has this. I happen to use arranger track a lot. Since version 10 when i flatten an arrangement i have all the events in the project chopped where sections are combined. it’s always the end of each section and not the start. How much of these events is chopped seems random in length in each section,

Any ideas?


Could you provide a sample project? Or at least a screenshot or video, please?

Ηi Martin, i’ve attached 2 images before and after flattening the arranger track.
There’s only 2 Arranger events in the example side by side , when I flatten them you can see the result. This happens in every project and all arranger events when flattened.


What has been used on the Audio events? Any Direct Offline Processes? Or ARA? Or anything special?

Hi Martin , none of the above, just normal audio events.


I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce it here.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode (or rename Cubase preferences folder), please?

Same thing happens in Safe Mode. This is a different project, looks the same cause i work in a similar fashion.


Could you provide a sample project, please? Maybe without the Audio files, just the CPR. You could send the link via PM. Thanks

Hi Martin, I’ve sent you a PM .


I have tried to add a MIDI Track and add a MIDI Notes to link it with every single Arranger event. Then I Flattened it. The MIDI Notes where linked with the all cuts. And there were no other gabs.