Arranger track - do not jump to start of last repeat

I use the arranger track for live performance, I have each song as its own section and I can choose a setlist simply by setting up the arranger track in the order in which I want to play - it’s a godsend

I am finding in live performances (we play to click) that I need to have a section of a song which I want to loop for an undetermined amount of time (while we talk to crowd over a build up for instance), at a certain point in this cycle, I want to be able to say “at the end of THIS loop, stop repeating this section and continue with the track”. However there is no smooth way of doing this (that I have found).

Using markers means I have to go to the computer, select a marker and then turn transport cycle on - then while playing I have to toggle that back off. If I have 2 section in the same song where I need this - it’s impossible.

Using arranger track, I can set something to repeat 20 times and just say “jump to last repeat” but then it jumps mid bar which throws the timing off.

It would be great if in the arranger track, when you say “jump to last repeat” it just changed your current repeat no. to the final one without starting at the top of the repeat. OR, when you have it set to “repeat forever” and you click “jump to last repeat” and that would then simply allow the track to continue when the playhead reached the end of that section.

I think this would be a very useful tool for those of us who use cubase in a live scenario where we need the flexibility to loop a section while we engage with the crowd. My apologies in advance if there is a way to do this which I haven’t discovered

I agree, this would be very handy and make Arranger even more useful for live/realtime.
They can add a spin, too, to enable some sort of real-time recording while in Arranger mode. So basically you can play some loops or whatever then that can get duplicated as you go?
I would love to see a feature like that, not exactly, but something like that :slight_smile:

I completely agree - having a toggle to “record on next loop” perhaps would make it so you can be playing, set it to that option, then it will track on the record armed tracks on the next cycle perhaps?