Arranger track: first/second aka 'repeat' endings

Unless there is some feature already for supporting repeated sections with first/second endings - this would be a very useful thing to have in Cubase Pro.

I understand Dorico and other engraver/notation apps support this but it would be handy to have in MIDI sequencers too like Cubase.

As do those Scoring applications, Cubase has these in the the Score Editor.

In the sequencer you can set up your Arranger Parts to accomplish this.

I couldn’t see any repeat markers in the Cubase score editor when I looked the other day. Did I miss something?

And is there any tie-in between the arranger window structure and the score editor?

Ie when changes to strict structure are made in one are these reflected automatically in the other?

Also - this seems fine for the kinds of song sections named but it ( the current arranger track functionality) doesn’t seem well suited to represent say a 16 bar verse which when repeated merely has a different last ( 16th ) bar second time around.

Ok guess it would be this:

A - 15 bars ( verse )
B - 1 bar ( first ending)
C - 1 bar ( second ending )

And then set up the arrange sequence as:


But imagine if one day Steinberg adds a feature to Dorico+Cubase Pro which alllows the project midi and arrange sequence metadata to be exported from Cubase into Dorico ( or anothervnotation program ) then there would be no information in the arrange list to allow Dorico to interpret true fact that B and C are second 1 bar endings.

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