Arranger Track Flattened doesn't re-arrange vocal audio content?

Been working with the arranger track feature for a while now and found it to be a great resources allowing me to repeat sections and jump from section to section in a non-linear manner. Saving me a huge amount by not having to copy and paste sections and etc. among other things.

So I get this request from someone wanting to hear some of my material and thought this would be a great opportunity for me to finally flatten the arrangement and mix it down for a quick demo; but what a HUGE disappointment I got when I flattened my arrangement only to play it back and find that part of my vocals were inline with the correct sections while other parts were overlapping like the flattening process was simply ignored.

Now I’ve got compositions that I relied on the integrity of the Arranger flattening feature which is totally useless to me. I already had accepted the fact that I couldn’t mixdown from an arrangement track; but not this??? What the !@#$

Anybody else seen this problem? Any potential work arounds???

I am becoming less and less of a Cubase fan as the years pass. Great features that no other DAW offers but what the hell if they don’t work as expected? I wonder if Pro Tools users have to contend with this much crap.

Okay, I’m stopping on that note before I really begin a big RANT! :angry:

It works fine here. If you used Offline Processing, it might help to click “Bounce Selection” before flattening the arranger track.

They have to contend with a lack of features that would make an early 90’s MIDI sequencer blush, and paying 300 bucks yearly for updates that add 1/4 of the features and bug fixes compared to updates for other DAWs.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

Well bouncing selections didn’t do anything to solve the issue. Going to format and reinstall everything and see it that helps. I know somethings can be specific to hardware and system configurations unique to every user; but I’ve been plagued so long with Cubase bugs and slack support until the lines of hardware specific problems and Cubase software has become extremely blurred.

I feel sometimes as if I’m simply wasting hope with Steinberg always waiting in eager anticipation for the next big update willing to shell out more $$$ hoping it will address the “bigger” issues of performance and crashes only to find more nifty features and toys with the same old legacy problems that seem to never get addressed; and I know for a fact that I’m not alone with this line of thinking. Sheesh!! :unamused:


Have you got any time sig/tempo changes going on.? Any time stretching/warping of vocals…? Any VariAudio still in play…? Not that it should affect things, but I’m just asking, since this has usually worked out fine for me (when flattening Arrangement Tracks). Having said that, now I’m thinking about it, I’ve not actually done this in v9.5 as yet…! It was all good in v9.x.x :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck.!

Is the vocal track cut up into its regions that are synced with the arranger sections?

Sounds like the ‘vocal’ in question might not even be audio. Is it samples triggered by midi or something? It would be understandable the sample playback might not turn out as expected due to notes continuing to ring or such.
For me, audio results have been good.
Tracks also should probably not be frozen, either.

Lock engaged, grouped ?
Works here, never had a problem, must be something you are doing wrong.

Thanks for all the responses. Turns out it was an ID10T error this time :confused:
It finally occurred to me that there is only one instance where this type of issue could potentially happen and I hadn’t even given it a second thought until I actually sat back, paused and calmed down.

Usually if I have a specific issue that no one else has seen it is either my hardware or software configuration so I asked myself, what could cause that audio to play on tracks where there is no visual indication that there is actually audio there? :unamused: So I check the plugins on those tracks and VOILA! Melodyne.

Totally forgot that it was on the tracks and once audio has been recorded into Melodyne, it takes precedence on the track whether there is actual track data on the track or not.

So freakin’ annoyed at myself. Lesson learned. Kickin’ myself in the butt now :wink:

Good time to prod Steinberg into implementing ARA :slight_smile: Hopefully that’d sort it…