Arranger Track, how to lock in position?

Please disregard the Arrange Track feature-Request. I dont know what I was thinking. The problem I have, is there a way to lock the Locators (which I usually select around Arranger Track clips).

Is there a way to lock/unlock the Locators?

I constantly accidentally move them. Once I set my song length with the locators they need to b locked so every update mix is the same length. Very annoying when they slip out of place.


Use Cycle Markers instead.

I never used Cycle Markers before. Might be what I’ve been missing. I will see if cycle markers are a good workaround. Thanks Steve.

Will Export Audio Mixdown export around Cycle Markers? I will look into it.

Still seems like a way to lock/unlock the Locators would be a useful feature.

First learn the tools at hand. Then, if you see a way to improve them make a suggestion.

for sure.