Arranger Track Issues

I have a strange Arranger Track issue.
Whenever I use Arranger Track with video, this weird problem appears.
The file plays ok, but sometimes when changing arrangemens, the video don`t follow, it appear stuck.
And I change the arrangements it plays fine.
If I pause arranger track between arrangements, this is not an issue.

I have attaced a video of the problem.

I have tried this with all kind of different video files, and the same thing happens.
I use Arranger Track with in live performances with audio and video, and this is a huuuge problem, when arranger track changes arrangement for me, and the video dont follow

Just got an email from support :

“The developers are aware of the arrangement track not working well with the video track.
Unfortunately this bug will not be corrected as there are more important priorities”


This is a feature of cubase, and they dont want to fix it.
I use cubase primary for this feature alone, when touring…I even bought a copy of Elements just to having a copy without the dongle.
Sad news indeed…
Time to look around for a new program that can handle this feature…

The only thing I can say about their reply is that at best it was honest and at worst its an insult. I would love to know what those more important priorities are as this looks like a basic function that should work. I feel your pain.

welcome to my world