Arranger Track Issues

I don’t know if this has been discussed previously but I’m having an issue with the Arranger Track.
I originally created a flat project. I recorded several tracks with VST instruments. Afterwords I decided to change the arrangement. Rather than do it manually I created an arranger track to facilitate the changes. All worked fine for that.
My issue is, I now want to add an audio bass track. I added the track and tried to record. Obviously the audio track records in a linear fashion,(dah), not recording in the correct locations. I then flattened the track but during playback there are slight spaces in areas that go from one event to another and the timing is off. The song does play in the order of the arranger track but I get these spaces. What’s the best way to add to an Arranged Track?


You need to dis-able the Arranger track before recording new parts. As to the gaps, it might help if you posted a screen shot of the project window.

For whatever reason when I flatten the track the first notes of the “B” event were missing so every time that event came around it was a space at the beginning of that measure. I just drew those notes back in. There is something going on there but for now this worked. Thanks for responding.