Arranger Track - key commands dont work on "next chain step" or "previous chain step"


Have an arranger track with events A-K, built an arranger chain of those events, no repeats or loops etc… I assigned some key commands to “next chain step” and “previous chain step” functions, however they don’t work as expected.

They just seem to jump from the first chain step to the last, missing any of the inbetween chain steps.

The button controls in the Arranger Edit window work, so I can see the function works as expected there using the mouse, but binding shortcut keys to the functions doesn’t seem to work.

I’m on Cubase 12.0.52 Build 393 - built Nov 24 2022
Windows 11 Pro
No 3rd party stuff is involved as its just the arranger chain

Not sure if my screenshots have uploaded as this is my first bug report.


Since it does work here on my system, I would suggest first excluding the possibility of corrupt prefs by starting in cubase safe mode

Thx for replying @steve

I tried this last night and re-started in safe mode and disabled prefs but same behaviour.

Is it worth deleting my prefs altogether?


I would first try different keystrokes for the commands

Ran across recently. It is most likely because you are using Alt to start the command. That jumps to the start or end of the chain events. I’ve got an older Cubase but figure its the same using alt when clicking on previous or next step in chain