arranger track names

I am experiencing a repeated problem when using arranger tracks
I can’t change the names of the entries that I create in this tracks. appear as numbers 1,2,3, etc but Cubase does not allow me to change it in the left panel, only numbers are displayed.
I tried this in two different PCs with Cubase Pro and Artist versions

How can I do it?

I am running Cubase Pro - Artist 8 v8.0.20 as a 64-bit on PC Win 8.1

Hi and welcome,

In default, the parts, you create, are named as “A”, “B”, “C”, etc. Not a numbers. Then you can double click to the Name field in the Info Vie of the Project window, and rename it.

In the left panel (Inspector), you can’t rename it. And numbers (in the column after the name “A”, “B”, “C”) are the count of loops of that part.