!@£$£!! ARRANGER Track - needs fixing

Hi there,

I use the Arranger track quite a lot for interactive game music - it’s very helpful in testing segments and cutting them up afterwards.

However the Flatten Arranger Track command seems very buggy, and is scant on progress information.

Half the time I use the flatten function, Cubase crashes - however, as it takes such a long time, and there is no progress information, there’s no way of knowing if it’s doing it’s “thing”.
As the Flatten function can sometimes take up to 10 mins, I’m just sitting there, looking at a beach ball, wondering whether it’s actually doing something or has crashed.

So, first off - this function needs looking at - it’s very unstable yet very useful.

Secondly, we need more progress information - at the very least a progress bar, but if it could give some info on the steps (moving, copying, splitting, whatever) at least that way we can see what it’s up to.

Secondly, you need to make this Arranger track exportable. It seems really strange that some things cannot be exported (like arrange), some have to be exported separately (like the tempo track), and other track go yet by another export tracks function.
These could all be exported with the same function, and should also be importable with the ‘import from session’ function…right now it’s a hideous mess!

+1 Always keep my fingers crossed in hopes it was doing its thing. Some visual feedback would be welcomed.