Arranger track "pause on repeats" does not work for me

on Cubase 10.5 i cannot get “pause on repeats” option to work reliably. but i cannot seem to find anyone else in the forum posts that has the same issue. here’s what i’m doing.
i have a section of music several minutes long. i divide it into 4 events A, B, C and D. i want to play A straight into B and then stop at the end of B, waiting for me to trigger to go forward to C which would play through once as well and then stop, waiting for me to trigger it to go on to D. i set it up as events ABC & D, i give them each “1” in the repeat column, and ‘normal’ in the Mode column, except B & C which i select “pause after repeats” for.

when i hit play at the beginning, it plays A… then B then C then D… seamlessly.
i have also selected jump mode “none” in the inspector (but also tried ‘end’ with no difference).

i must be doing something wrong, any clues?

ok, of course, after pulling out my hair for hours trying to get this to work, i’ve figured out how to do it minutes after posting in the forum…

for anyone else with this problem, you need to have ‘cycle’ deactivated in order for the arranger events to work correctly. it doesn’t matter where your locators are in your song, if ‘cycle’ is activated then looping and pausing will not work as expected when you have your arranger track activated.

this does not appear to be documented anywhere, but i hope this helps someone in future.