Arranger track - random mode?

Hi all!

I use the arranger track from time to time - especially when creating dynamic music for video games. A very useful feature here would be if I were able to setup a random arranger chain. Off course I could just close my eyes and make a series of drag’n’drops, but I want it to be a “new random” everytime I press play and the arranger track is activated. Does this feature exist?

I have three buttons in the arranger editor giving me the options of “create new chain” “duplicate chain” or simply “remove chain”. A fourth button with “Randomize chain” would be great. It would be even better to have “random chain” allready setup by Cubase in the “Select Active Arranger Chain” window.

Or is it just me that is blind?

I used the Arranger for a bit a while back, I don’t think you are blind :laughing:

Well that’s great news. :smiley:

I’ll suggest Steinberg that they implement this feature for me. I’m sure they do that in a jiffy. Thanks for the answer.