Arranger Track

Is anybody else desperate to have an Arranger Track that locks at the top of the screen and all other tracks slide up and down beneath it? Steinberg, please give Cubase users the option to lock and unlock the Arranger Track. It would save so much time. Thanks. BB

This already is an option in Cubase. Click the / button at the top right of the project to add the additional view, and put the Arranger Track there.

Exactly. Isn’t it nice when you wish for something and it is already there? I put my arranger track and my sidechain trigger track up there usually.

I often put my “business tracks” – Chord Track, Markers, Arranger Track, etc. – on top and then the Part Tracks below, but there’s so many ways to use this somewhat “hidden” feature. Glad you found it. :slight_smile: